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Bena Shastri

A fashion designer from India who has got her formal training from India and America. Color and Craft is her Fortè, trousseau is her specialization that comes naturally to her. Here is a glimpse of her journey.

Born and brought up in India, she was always fascinated with the rich heritage and culture around her. This fascination of her pushed Bena to relate herself with the colors, the art and the architecture that dwelled besides her. With the idea of understanding this abstractness in more depth and putting it into real life practice, she pursued education in field of fashion from INIFD and later from NIFT (gandhinagar). This enabled her to convert that interest of a small girl into a passion of young woman who wanted to create and replicate the age old heritage and culture through her designs. She pursued a career as a freelancer for 3 to 4 years and within a short span of time she made a mark for herself in her home city by working with few well known designers.

After 4 years of designing, she wanted to reach more people and establish herself as a brand in fashion industry, With this in mind she pursued a course in Business Management and studied the business aspects of the industry. This helped Bena improve her understanding on other areas of business, during this period she continued her work as a freelancer and also worked for Pantaloons (one of the largest retail clothing brand of the country).

Soon, she got married and resettled in America. Always wondering about the diverse culture and art, she got a chance of her lifetime when she moved to LA. Immediately she applied for FIDM, one of the most reputed design schools in America and was accepted with blink of an eye. She pursued Merchandise product development with professional designation at FIDM (Los Angeles & San Francisco) and received honors (cum laude) for her work. Her knowledge and understanding of two diverse cultures earned her great recognition and applauds from fellow colleagues and mentors.

2014, Bena is back in India to pursue her dream BridE NovA. A new concept, a new design that blends the western style with indian culture. Bena is launching a bridal collection specially designed for western population but has pure and artistic elements of Indian culture and heritage which can fit into western silhouettes to create a distinctive look.

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