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BridE NovA

“Reveal the Star in You”

Founded in 2014, BridE NovA comes across as a brand that emphasizes on meticulous designs that every bride deserves. BridE NovA designs are inspired from various cultures across the world.

We handpick each of our embroidery, so that it blends richness and sophistication of different traditions with the current modern markets requirements and fashionable trends. Each of these embroideries transforms beautifully to create modern and sophisticated designs, utilizing luxurious materials and embellishment.

All designs are handmade with detailed workmanship with special attention to colors, fabrics and all the raw materials. Our designs would give special character to each bridal outfit in its own special way.

All our products undergo thorough Quality Check procedure and we strive to provide the best products and services. All our designs are custom made and can be altered in any way as per your requirements.

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